Wednesday, May 20, 2015


From Andrew Smith:

That Ed Sheeran song.

The one about crack.

About the angel.

I sat in the parking lot of the public library... the dark, damp garage

And I cried.

I was the strange man who'd left my scent, who'd achieved a release

I was on top of her

And then I was not


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Dog was on the Bed

From Andrew Smith:

Her small, energetic dog -- a Corgi -- jumped on the bed.

He was always kind to the dogs, though he wasn't much of a dog fan.

This dog wasn't so bad, and usually stayed off the bed.

But, there he was.

And then he saw it. A pool of his recently released semen. Still warm. On the red comforter that covered her bed.

And the dog saw it.

And then proceeded to lick it all up.

He smiled a crooked smile, thinking about how it was pretty disgusting that the dog had done that.

She was in the bathroom, no doubt cleaning the rest of his semen from her back and ass.

He always welcomed their time together. Even with the dogs.


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Monday, May 18, 2015

Andrew Smith at the Beach

A new story from Andrew Smith takes us to the beach:

She wore a simple, black, one piece suit. 
She was not tall... but well-proportioned... in fact, her breasts were rather large and exceptional... round and firm and perky.
He wore a white shirt and solid blue trunks.
This was the second day they'd been in Cancun.
It was the ultimate escape for both of them.
Each one married ... to someone else.
Away on business. She was, after all, his staff assistant. Or, that's what she told people.  And he'd introduced her as such to those who came to the office.
He was in awe of the intensity with which he desired her. From the first meeting to the time she showed up in a fuzzy green sweater and short skirt.
He could not control how badly he wanted her

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Andrew Smith's Guest

I had been a professor for many years but I never thought that I would want to sleep with one of my students. This young lady was the picture of a lady that could leave you speechless just from her look. I never thought a girl with long lush red locks would make me as aroused as she made me every time I saw her.

She had asked last class to set up a meeting with me during my office hours. Today was that day, she should be at my door any minute now. Just the thought of getting to see her and her being in my office started making me aroused. I could tell that I was already starting to get a bulge in my khaki pants, I hoped she wouldn’t notice what she did to me.


Andrew Smith's Business Trip

You return to your hotel room late in the evening... after drinking with friends from the business conference you're attending.
I'm already in the room when you return, but you barely notice as you head straight to the bathroom
you turn on the shower and let the steam overtake the room as you wash your face, use the bathroom, and try to relax
you step into the hot water and enjoy the bath of steam around your tired body.
You're not drunk, but a bit tipsy...
As the heat turns your skin pink, I pull the curtain back... And you just smile, noticing my semi-hard cock as I notice yours...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Passion and Heels

This. This is passion. There is intensity, there is a hungry kiss. And the heels and stocking? That's just exquisitely beautiful:

Find your very own passionate partner.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Her Boots

She wore black boots, small ones, size six. With gold buckles on the ankle and at the calf. A long gold zipper up the back. Thigh high stockings. A black skirt and white oxford. Her dark hair cascaded onto the white shirt in soft, welcoming waves. Her eyes a deep brown, mysterious and intense. Her skin pleasantly tan, even as the first cool days of autumn took hold.

Crisp, almost cold mornings and cool, inviting evenings. Warm sunny days. A favorite, fleeting time.

She worked in a basement office with a window at the ceiling so she could see the street, see the feet of the passersby, now mostly clad in boots or closed-toe shoes, reflecting the transition in the season. Now and then, some sandals still holding on to summer's warmth would pass, and she'd remember the feel of the warm sun on her own toes.